“Innovative monitoring concepts keep the company steps ahead.”
-Security Dealer Magazine

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Voice Answering Services

American Two-Way offers a wide range of automated answering services, ensuing that our dealers remain in close contact with their customers. These services include:

Fully Automated Voice Mail
Your phone lines are answered in your company’s name, offering your callers and clients appropriate options. Different boxes can be configured to take routine messages or page one or more people. In addition, voice messages can be sent to your email, allowing you to listen to them through your smart phone. Every dealer’s voice mail is custom-tailored to meet their specific needs.

Message Management
We can either leave a message in your voice mail or enter it into a call log that you can view online through our Web Access service. Another option is to send an automated text message notification whenever a message is left in your voice mail box.

Call Management
Your customers can leave detailed messages in your voice mail box, or be transferred directly to your cell phone.


We encourage our dealers to mix and match our services to meet their needs and price points. Contact us today to learn more.

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