“Similar to the way digital communication changed the security industry decades ago, video monitoring will change it going forward.”
-Security Sales and Integration

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Video Monitoring

To meet the growing demand for video monitoring, American Two-Way completely integrated a variety of video services directly into our monitoring systems.

Features of our new video monitoring capabilities allow us to:

  • Merge the alarm signals and live video feeds together so that an operator can view the protected premises at the same time an alarm is received
  • Directly integrate building plans, allowing us to tie together specific cameras with specific alarm zones
  • Integrate audio with the alarm signals and live video, and record all of it together for later review

Currently, we can integrate many video products into our systems, including:

  • RSI Frontel—Videofied
  • Dedicated Micros NetVu
  • EyeRover
  • Honeywell Rapid Eye
  • Bosch VideoJet 10
  • AdPro Fast Scan
  • March Networks
  • Visual Tools
  • Direct URL Video Systems (any system that does not require a specific software application)

We are currently adding additional video systems to keep our dealers on the cutting edge of new monitoring technologies. Contact us today to learn more.

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