"The ability, at the touch of a button, to talk to a professional, trained to give fast, intelligent response in any emergency, has immeasurable value."
-USC Medical Center

ATW two-way voice wholesale monitoring
Two-Way Voice Monitoring

When one of your customers is in trouble, there is no substitute for a live human voice. That’s why Two-Way voice is such a powerful tool in any emergency. It is for this reason that American Two-Way invented Two-Way voice about three decades ago.

With Two-Way voice, there is an immediate, direct audio connection into your customers’ premises. False alarms are immediately verified. Break-ins, fires and medical emergencies are confirmed within seconds. Because this service allows for a much faster and accurate emergency response, it often means the difference between life and death. Your customers get a level of protection that other systems without Two-Way voice simply cannot provide.

Two-Way voice can be incorporated into virtually any type of system, including burglary, fire, medical, PERS and Mobile PERS.

American Two-Way is the foremost expert in Two-Way voice monitoring. We invented, manufactured and patented the first Two-Way voice systems, and we have more experience with Two-Way voice than any other monitoring center.

When offering two-way voice services, partner with the company who invented it. Contact us today to learn more.

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