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The idea behind this monitoring page is to give you a small glimpse into some of the various monitoring services we provide.

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  Web Access Burglary Monitoring Fire Monitoring
ATW offers a wide range of Residential and Commercial online web solutions. Our Web Access services are able to virtually control any appliance or device in a home or business. The ability to arm / disarm a security system, automate lighting to turn on or off at specific times, adjust temperature settings and control energy systems are all services that make running your home and/or business more cost effective.
Burglary monitoring is one of the most important emergency alarms out there and we don’t take it lightly. We can monitor and inform you or authorities of exactly what zone (or area) is being tampered or being broken into.
Fire alerts have different degrees of notification to our dispatchers. Fire protection is mandatory in many locations, such as businesses and schools. ATW is listed with Underwriters Laboratories for Fire alert monitoring.
  Video Monitoring Two-Way Monitoring GPS Monitoring
One of the most-requested services in recent years has been video monitoring. To meet the growing demand in this emerging field, ATW has completely integrated a variety of video services. If your home or business has a camera system installed, when an alarm is activated our central station staff is able to view and verify the cause of the alarm. Police departments give verified video activity a top response priority.
The two-way voice concept was developed by ATW in the late 1970's. The first turning point for ATW and the monitoring world was a product called "One Touch," which was designed patented, manufactured and monitored by ATW.
GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your company's vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a family member. We provide our client's with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS tracking services.
  Abduction Monitoring Automobile Monitoring Access Monitoring
Abduction is something that happens everyday in the USA. We have the technology that can keep you and your love ones safe no matter where they go nationwide.
Automobile monitoring is a system that can be installed into your car that can indicate an accident or you can push a button to contact the monitoring center for GPS tracking of your current location, questions and/or issues.
Access control monitoring is everywhere from large skyscrapers to schools. This type of monitoring involves the ability to enter and exit a secure area that requires an access card or a key punch terminal.
Temperature Monitoring Water/Flood Monitoring Gas/Carbon Monitoring
Temperature control is important both commercially and residentially. Whether it's keeping a refrigerator on track for food storage in restaurants or controlling the temperature in your home to manage energy cost.
Water and Flood monitoring is an environmental type of alarm that a sensor picks up moisture or water levels at which point it triggers an alarm.
The gas detector looks like a simple smoke detector and is typically connected to the main security system. Upon detecting a gas or carbon monoxide leak in its area (or zone) it will send an alarm to our central station.
  Answering Service Marina/Boat Monitoring Elevator Monitoring
Our ATW dispatchers are not only trained to deal with life threating calls, but they can also take messages and relay critical information that can have an important effect on the protection of life and property, such as, the immediate need for service repairs.
Owning a boat is a significant investment. ATW can help you protect your investment by offering a full range of video surveillance services, GPS technology and emergency notification services. We can alert you if your boat is taking on water while docked, or if stolen and taken out to sea, and track its location with our GPS technology.
Elevator monitoring is not always done via the building itself, some buildings do not have 24/7 security available. Thus, they would rely on ATW support for their elevator security.
  Vending Monitoring Latch Key Monitoring Event Monitoring
We can monitor vending machines level of merchandise and thus have an alert notice be sent to our center when an item(s) is low or empty. At this point a dispatcher will notify the owner via email or by phone.
Latch key monitoring provides peace of mind for parents. Our services enable parents to receive automatic text or email notifications when their children arrive home.
We call "Event Monitoring" anything that can trigger an event like children opening the liqour cabinet. These types of events can be informational only and can be sent to parents or other appropriate parties.
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