Mobile Monitoring – the next huge RMR opportunity!

Get on track now with TotalTrack ®

American Two-Way’s award winning TotalTrack offers multiple Mobile Monitoring solutions all riding on a single platform-controlled by a single portal. One platform-one portal means you can offer multiple mobile solutions such as Mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS),child and vehicle protection, as well as business solutions such as fleet management and lone worker protection. Provide all these services upfront to the subscriber or add additional services at anytime. The same portal your subscriber already knows will control anything they add later. Talk about up selling opportunities.

Why offer one mobile solution, when you can offer them all – TotalTrack

Everything you need to get started is provided-including wholesale devices, cellular service, portal, marketing materials and more. This complete turnkey program can have you in the booming Mobile Monitoring market in a matter of days.

One-Portal Management

Through one user-friendly, intuitive web portal, your subscribers can track all their services simultaneously without ever having to leave the portal, they can view all their vehicles, their children, their teenage drivers’ vehicles and their elderly parents, anywhere in the country!

This portal can be placed on your company website and can accessed by your subscribers through a wide range of devices, from tablets to smart phones-literally putting control in the palm of their hands!

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