An Emergency Communications Company
Our 30 Year History
Since the company opened its doors for business in 1975 we have been at the forefront and an integral part of improving the security monitoring industry. Our pride and joy is listening to our customers and we learn from them what their needs are, thus we can find the right solution.

ATW history stands firm on listening to our customers and we have proven that with the creation that has revolutionized the security business by creating the first home based two-way monitoring communication system called "The One Touch." This system changed the industry and has placed ATW as the forefathers of modern day home-base monitoring solutions. Over the years we have been pioneering the path to solutions in the security monitoring industry and have never forgotten our core belief, which is to listen to our customers.

1975 to 1977
In '75 ATW opened their doors for business as an Emergency Monitoring Center, which quickly grew. From this growth, ATW decided to incorporate its first fully functioning & prosperous company in '77.
1978 to 1988
During this time, ATW saw a great need for a different product to be developed, which their customers needed a communication device to the central station. This is when ATW designed, patent, and manufactured their first two-way voice base unit called "The One Touch," also the "Sentinel" and "The Companion II."

1989 to Present
During this time, ATW has been updating, adapting, and changing their systems to surpass the technology – we don’t just keep up with the “Jones,” because we are the Jones! To see more insight on our technology, see Our Technology.

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