Our Hardware/Software
ATW’s internal hardware and software is just a part of the body of work that is required to make a powerful leading edge Emergency Communication Monitoring Center. We also included our paths of communication, receiver systems and our redundant systems. These 5 areas are what makes or breaks a monitoring central station. You can review what we have and periodically return to this section to read-up on the latest systems we have added to make the latest security or PERS related products work correctly and efficiently.


Our Data and Voice Communications Systems
With our state-of-the-art system we have established connections with companies such as, AT&T, Telepacific, Adtran, Avaya, DSC, Honeywell, Bosch, DMP and Covad. Our data and voice system can monitor, track and respond to virtually any alarms from GPS, to video, and to other devices in the field.
Our Systems Include:
+ Multiple digital T1 and PRI services with abundant future capacity to meet tomorrow's emerging services.
+ Microwave wireless synchronous broadband services with 6 times burstable expansion, allowing for highly failure-resistant internet connections of up to 35 megabytes.
+ Protected and hardened POTS connections to support legacy services
+ Equipment and services to effectively manage cellular, GSM, GPS, broadband, POTS and RF communications systems.
Our Phone Systems
Are configured for reliable and fully redundant service. ATW has created proprietary hardware to uniquely and effectively tie together our monitoring software systems, our alarm receivers and our phone switches into a smoothly working whole, allowing us to meet our audio verification needs more effectively than perhaps any other Communications Center anywhere.
ATW's Automated and Live Answering Service
Using a variety of sophisticated equipment and techniques these systems allow us to answer your phone lines and essentially be your company’s voice to your customers. In addition, our systems allow us to offer message notification in a variety of manners, including alpha paging, email, fax, SMS and other texting services, as well as automated attendant notification with voice prompts.
ATW Calls are Recorded
Using the latest SecurVoice services ATW is always looking towards the future. Not only are our calls recorded, we use next-generation video capture systems to include visual recording of our emergency dispatcher’s screens as well. This gives us a full audio and video archive of all events.


Our Super Computer Systems
Much in the way Cray super-computers are designed, every node (either a server or specialized computer) in our system can back up several other nodes, in a unique distributed computing network. Even if one or more computer fails, the system can continue to fully process all of our signal traffic. If we need more computing power, rather than replace existing systems with newer systems, we can simply add more nodes, which will assist in all computational tasks.
Our Server Systems Include:
+ Voice Mail and Auto-Attendant systems
+ Stealth Loggers and print-capture systems
+ Web Access servers
+ Event Centre server, displaying a real-time status of all system traffic
+ Dedicated Fax servers
+ Alarm Ticket server
+ Video Processing and Storage servers
+ Text and Alpha-paging systems
+ Dedicated Audio and Video Capture systems
Our Secure Network
Because there are scores of computers incorporated into ATW’s networks, we firewall our systems using the best products from Sonicwall. We believe that we have one of the most secure and sophisticated network systems in the industry.


Our Software Systems
Every monitoring service currently available is incorporated into our software, including alarm monitoring, GPS support, video monitoring and audio monitoring verification, and much more. Our systems run on a Microsoft SQL platform, allowing emerging technologies and services to be easily incorporated into our systems.
Our Automated Systems
Our automation systems include advanced features such as, integrated video monitoring systems, and Stealth Loggers, allowing for real-time traffic management and multiple levels of redundancy. As well as, Auto-Client Virtual Dispatcher services, GPS tracking, automatic instant messaging, recurring reports services, and unique two-way voice verification integration, and many more features.
Our Specialized Software Package
Most Communications Centers use third-party software for their accounting and billing needs. ATW turned to Sedona, a very specialized software package created from the ground up to serve the alarm monitoring industry. Sedona, uniquely, is fully integrated into our alarm automation software. This gives us unprecedented control over all of our accounts.
Our Unlimited Growth
ATW's combination of sophisticated hardware and software systems allows for virtually unlimited growth, both today and well into the decades ahead. You are not limited to have a certain number of accounts to work with ATW. We can supply emergency communication support for an account with over a hundred thousand accounts to companies that only have one large account and all at wholesale prices. Build, expand and grow with ATW's unlimited software/hardware combination system.

Receiver System

Our Signal Receiving Systems
ATW keeps logs of our updates, maintenance and upgrades to every part of our web of powerfully innovated hardware and associated software. Keeping up with the Jones is not our way, because we are the Jones.
Our Systems Include:
+ Sur-Gard System III
+ Bosch 6600
+ RSI Videofied
+ A custom Video Streaming server
+ HID Access Control server
+ Honeywell's 7810i AlarmNet
About Our Receiver Systems
ATW has built an Emergency Communications Monitoring Center that has over 30 years of experience, which translate into a hardware and software that meets and surpasses our client list expectations. We want to keep moving up to bigger and better formats with systems to keep the challenge of winning in the security business.
Our Capability Include:
+ Over 60 alarm and equipment formats
+ Massive rollover capacity, preventing busy signals to client systems
+ Auto-format learning systems, based on Caller ID information and patterns
+ Four different systems offering IP Internet monitoring
+ Two-Way Voice audio verification
+ Multiple Video verification and network streaming monitoring
+ Long-Range Radio, Cellular and GPRS monitoring
+ Instant failsafe capabilities, including hot-swappable power supplies, line cards and processors.

Redundant System

Our Redundant Communications Systems
Our communications systems are fully redundant. We maintain two phone switches, as well as multiple T1s and PRIs to back up our call and data paths. All of our digital trunks can back each other up with little or no service interruption. Our microwave broadband systems are redundant, and since we are within line-of-sight with at least 5 transmission sites, we can easily recover from the loss of a broadcast tower.
Our Receiver Systems
All receivers are backed up with additional standby receivers. Our primary receivers, including the Sur-Gard System III receivers, are internally hot redundant, allowing for hot swapping of all components. All line cards back each other up, and through the use of ANI and DNIS, not only can we easily survive the loss of one or more cards, each phone line can be answered by every line card, ensuring no busy signals.
Our Hardware and Software Systems
Our computer hardware and software systems are designed with four levels of backup, guaranteeing zero downtime. We have a pair of hot-redundant automation servers, with multiple support computers handling much of the processing load during high-volume periods. We also have two Stealth Logger servers that, through warm redundancy, back up the primary and secondary servers. If all processing systems fail, a separate Ticket Printer will communicate with the receivers through independent connections and provide a strong level of manual support until one or more automation servers are brought back on line. We maintain an off-site database backup that, in the event of a catastrophic failure, can be used to remotely monitor our customer database from a remote location.


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