Our Facility & Employees
This section was created to give you an idea of what goes on behind our double-door secure bunker of operations and the well trained professionals that adhere to the utmost screening, tests and continued training to work at ATW.

Our Facility

ATW's Emergency Communications and Response Center is housed in a secure building. We are fully listed with Underwriters Laboratories to monitor and respond to Burglary and Fire systems. We are regularly inspected to ensure that we meet or exceed all government standards.

We have several secure features that maybe of interest to you at our facility. Take a look at a few of them listed below and see if we stack-up to an emergency communications monitoring center that is the best choice for your business.

Our Secure Building
Is the central location of all our monitoring equipment, software and employees. We do not "outsource" any part or aspect of our Emergency Communication Response Center. We have no operators in India, South America or any other location except here in the United States of America.
Secure Facility:
+ Our location is completely gated from the parking lot to the entire outside of the building.
+ We have cameras recording outside including the parking lot and cameras inside the building to ensure complete protection.
+ To enter our secure monitoring facility you are required to enter a keypad code on two different doors.
+ We have door alarms and cameras on every entrance and exits within our large facility ensuring our safety and the safety of our customers accounts from unauthorized personnel.
+ We have a soundproof monitoring center that keeps all outside visitors in wonderment on where we house our people.
+ Our hardware and software is located in it's own secure room that is only accessed by authorized personnel. No ATW employee my enter without authorization.

Our Employees & FBI Background Checks

Our employees are the face of our company and the people we hire at ATW are representing 30 years of high quality service and dedication. Therefore, we do not take the hiring process lightly.

Our FBI Background Checks
We begin our background check with the Department of Justice who is our channeler with the FBI that checks each applicant criminal background history, previous employment history and checks driver's license history. The goal is to see if our applicants have any criminal arrests and/or criminal behavior. If the information comes back with no arrest, but tenancies of criminal behavior we do not hire such applicants. We maintain a very high standard for our employees and this will reflect with their performance on our customer's accounts.
Next Step is Bureau Security Investigative Services
If our applicant passes the Department of Justice background check then we hire them, but they must continue further background checks with California BSIS to obtain an Alarm Agent Card.
+ Must be 18 years or older
+ Undergo a criminal history background check through the DOJ and the FBI
+ Finger printed and checked with DOJ and the FBI
+ A full DMV check
+ Pass the Power to Arrest examination (if their duties will include responding to alarm activations).
+ Pass training course covering responsibilities and ethics in citizen's arrest, relationship with police, limitations on Power to Arrest, restrictions on searches and seizures, criminal and civil liabilities, terrorism, code of ethics and personal and employer liability.

Our Training

Once our new employee has passed all required background checks and has obtained their Alarm Agent Card then the training can begin. We do accept applicants with experience, but we re-train them to adhere to our firm code of ethics and our high quality of customer service.

Our Training Details:
+ We train them from the ground up, from what is behind the mechanics of alarms and the process behind how we receive these events.
+ We train them on what our software does, how it connects to off-site security accounts and how to respond to the software.
+ We then train them on how to conduct phone calls with emergency response professionals.
+ We then train them on how to conduct phone calls with account holders and/or customers.
+ We then train them on how to conduct phone calls with seniors and emergency medical situations.
+ We constantly test our employees in all these areas and look for ways to improve their techniques.
Performance and Evaluations
After our employees have passed all training and our tests, we tend to keep monitoring them with daily, weekly, and monthly performance reviews. Each evaluation has a different structure to monitor each Alarm Agent’s abilities in call times, accurate and proper note assessment on alarms and calls, as well as, their oral tone, oral content and accurate verbal communications between all genre of clients and professionals.
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