"American Two-Way is the nation's largest wholesaler of PERS products and monitoring services to independent dealers."
- SDM Magazine

"Now there’s a high-tech new system that’s capable of instant two-way communication at a surprisingly reasonable cost."
- ABC News

"American Two-Way was the first to offer a medical monitoring unit in the security industry.
Their entrance happened 30 years ago."
- Security Systems News

"High technology being used to save lives..."
- NBC News


The PERS market is currently one of the fastest growing life safety categories, and with 10,000 people turning 65 each day, the PERS industry is projected to hit $1.86 billion by 2017.

There’s no better time to offer PERS to your customers. In doing so, make sure that you partner with the company who is the foremost authority in the PERS space for over 35 years.

We were one of the first companies to design, patent, manufacture and monitor PERS systems. We offer a wide range of wholesale PERS products and services, from traditional landline-based PERS to cellular in-home PERS to mobile PERS.

Our operators are specially trained to interact with senior clients, often staying on the line until help arrives. When an emergency call is made to our center, the subscriber’s profile is displayed on the operator’s screen, enabling them to communicate pertinent medical information, such as allergies, medication and hospitalization history, with the first responders.  


We provide complete wholesale solutions to get you into the PERS space immediately. Contact Us today to learn more.





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