“Professional monitoring is continuously evolving, with new services like American Two-Way's cloud-free mobile monitoring pushing the limits to keep dealers
... and the industry - relevant.”
- SDM Magazine

"The ability to talk to a professional, trained to give fast, intelligent response in any emergency has immeasurable value."
-USC Medical Center

"MPERS takes personal protection beyond safety for seniors. The devices can be used by parents to monitor their children. Teens, college students, and young adults who may be out alone at night..."
- SDM Magazine

MPERS Mobile PERS from ATW
Mobile PERS Info

Utilizing the latest advancements in GPS and cellular technology, MPERS breaks the leash of traditional PERS systems, allowing subscribers to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle. As we were pioneers of PERS technology, we are now at the forefront of Mobile PERS or MPERS.

With MPERS, wherever the subscriber may be, an easy push of the emergency button instantly connects them to our monitoring center, where our operators can locate them and send the appropriate authorities to their location. The user profile of the subscriber, such as physical appearance and medical history is displayed on the operator’s screen, allowing the operator to relay pertinent information to the first responders.

Two-Way Voice is instantly activated once the emergency button is activated, allowing the subscriber to speak with our highly trained operators. Our operators are specially trained to interact with senior clients, often staying on the line until help arrives.

Our ground-breaking MPERS software is fully integrated with a National PSAP database, immediately displaying on the operator’s screen the appropriate first responders in an emergency. With this database, emergency dispatch is available anywhere in the country.

Included in our MPERS service is a web portal where subscribers can designate access to loved-ones or caregivers who can login to view where the subscriber is, as well as where they have been through breadcrumbing. Also through this web portal, geo-fences can be set, allowing a designated party to receive notifications (either via email or SMS) when the subscriber has entered or exited the geo-fence—a great solution for wandering issues. 


If you are interested in an MPERS system for yourself or a loved-one, please contact us and we will connect you with one of our authorized MPERS dealers.

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